The Nice Fleet Thailand floats available in Phuket

After studying art history and then 15 years in the fashion world, Marie Le Tallec has the idea of a collection of cool & chic inflatable accessories that would complement the existing, often kitsch and undurable offer.

With her inspired travel motifs, she imagined the nice fleet  like a nice fleet of elegant accessories, destined for all lovers of the relaxation and the journey.

the nice fleet invites you to swim and enjoy the pleasures of water, with style, with family or friends. XL floats and large round mattresses for the adults, armbands and balloons for the kids.

Joining our fleet is also choosing a quality product with a unique design.

Our collection has been thought, designed and carefully tested to suit every use.

To offer you all the guarantees of comfort and safety, we chose a PVC flexible and resistant, subject to chemical and physical checks, in order to comply with European Community standards.

Its quality also allows a optimal recycling in the approved Paprec centres in France.  

In love with travels and new cultures, Mary has named each product the nice fleet of a destination visited or dreamed, with a special atmosphere:

Bahia the tropical, Stinson retro, Formentera and its sweetness of life, Tulum and its watercolor blue, Bermuda and its pink beaches, Java and its traditional ikat, Izu and its deep blue, Saly and its brilliant wax, pastel Hamptons or even Palma and its insolent freshness... 

The delicately chosen colors and the patterns for most watercolor promise a poetic and sunny elsewhere.

the nice fleet is a hymn to cool chic... beyond holidays.