La serviette Paris

It’s the story of a very special beach towel, a deluxe oversized fashion accessory, a soft and comfortable decorative piece, a work of art that is wash-resistant.

The story begins in 2016, when a couple of thirty-something friends, both mad about photography and travel launched this French brand with one clear objective in mind – to make a difference to the beach shore, poolside and even the bathroom, by creating an imaginative collection of high-end luxury towels.

La Serviette Paris’s ethos is : strong print designs, produced in a striking colour palette, on soft, thick, water absorbent and water-resistant towel material, originating from an age-old Portuguese expertise which has almost vanished in Europe today.
Forget dolphins, seascapes and seashells, and embrace exotic water birds, such as flamingoes and herons, Navajo patterns and Inca designs! These towelling fabrics are full of color and life and available in both adult and children’s sizes.

These unique towels, are a window onto the eclectic tastes of its founding partners:
Simon who spent time living a boho chic and wild lifestyle in Uruguay and Benjamin who spent much of his childhood enjoying the Borromean Islands on Lake Maggiore.

We want you to wake up and come outdoors to relax on one of our towels while dreaming of the perfect, poolside life, as captured through the lens of Slim Aaron’s dreamy stills photographs ; running your fingers over its hoops, while kissing Jean Shrimpton’s salty shoulders ; and when the sun goes down, wrap yourself up and feel the softness of the fabric before diving back, one last time, into the hotel Pellicano’s pool. We’re waiting for you…